Anatomy & Safety

​Muscle Awareness.– Primary muscles used for pole moves.

The Rotator Cuff & Scapular Stabilizers. Conditioning & Safety
Wrist/Hand/Forearm Anatomy. Conditioning/Safety

Knee Anatomy. Conditioning/Safety

Proper Alignment/Form/Posture. Posture analysis & cues

Stretching - 5 types with focus on dynamic stretching

Robust section on Spotting Techniques

Injury - Types/Prevention

Teaching Techniques
​PFA Terminology & Communication/Cueing
Deconstruction of Movement: – ABCs, Add-ons, Tips, Modifications
Suspensions & Slow-Motion
Inversion Readiness Tests
Techniques For Teaching Inversions
Learning Styles
Face Toward, Face Away

Inside Your Classroom

Classroom Management: Common Concerns & Solutions
Teacher as Role-Model
Classroom Vibe

Class Structure

Pre-Class Set-Up
Starting Class
Warm Up
Class Body/Timing chart
Ending Class

Putting It All Together – Lesson Plan

Sample Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan Template​

Conditioning Tutorial & Alignment Look-Fors​



Required: Beginner skills

Floor work
Slides to the floor
Basic pole sit
Upright crucifix

Basic walk
Step and hook
Strength building exercises
Step around (Squat spin/Dip Spin)
Hip rolls
Two handed simple spins
(Fireman, Front Hook, Back Hook)

Required: Intermediate pole skills

One-handed spins
Combo spins
Basic inverts
Inside/outside leg hangs
Inverted thigh hold
Inverted crucifix
Reverse grab
Wrist sit
Basic butterfly
Cross knee release
Spinning chopper

Recommended: Advanced pole skills
Extended butterfly
Shoulder mount
Superwoman (Superman)
Caterpillar Climb


Knee hold
Aysha (split, forearm, or elbow grip)

Inverted Strong Hold (Brass Monkey)


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  • To take this course, you should have wide knowledge of pole moves and currently be working near or at an advanced level

  • Trainings are sixteen hours over two days

  • Receive your Certificate of Completion after passing your post-training written and practical exam

  • Bring home our extensive training manual

  • Earn 1.6 ACE CECs or 15 AFAA CECs!

  • Approved by ACE, AFAA, the PFA and the PDC!

  • ACE approved Home study course available​

  • Live trainings available internationally

  • As always, our course is provided in a professional, loving, supportive and non- judgmental atmosphere for new as well as seasoned teachers!

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