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Q: What exactly will we be learning?
A: You will spend several hours learning the anatomy of the body, especially the shoulder, back, forearm and knee. You will learn about the rotator cuff and scapular stabilizers. You will learn which muscles fire during specific pole moves. You will spend several hours learning teaching techniques. We will thoroughly cover safety and injury prevention. Cueing, spotting, stretching, correction and warm up techniques will be covered. You will learn how to manage difficult situations in the pole studio. You will spend time deconstructing pole movement and you will practice teaching that movement to the class. You will learn how to evaluate your students for readiness to invert as well as how to teach progressions. You will receive an extensive manual with beautiful color pictures and diagrams and unlimited support as you prepare for your test and practical.

Q: If I earn this certificate, does that mean I’m “certified”?
A: After completion of your test materials you will earn a “Specialty Certificate” that has been approved by fitness industry leaders; ACE, AFAA, the Pole Fitness Association and the Pole Dance Community! However, this is not a nationally accredited certification program equivalent to a Personal Trainer Certification, or a Group Fitness Instructor Certification. These types of certifications have obtained third-party accreditation of its certification procedures from an independent and nationally recognized accrediting body like the NCAA. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that in addition to pole dance certification that all pole dance instructors earn their group fitness or personal trainer certifications.

Q: What do I need to do to earn my certificate?
A: You will receive a “certificate of attendance” at the end of this course. This certificate provides the information needed to redeem your ACE or AFAA credits. To earn a “certificate of completion” you will need to pass a written exam, design a pole class by completing a lesson plan, and submit videos and pictures of your teaching skills. You will have up to a year to complete these requirements. Upon completion you will receive a certificate personalized with your own pole photo!

Q: Why do I need to have mastery of some advanced pole dance skills to take the training?
A: In order to be a successful pole fitness teacher, mastery of pole skills is a necessity. Would you want a beginner teaching you dangerous moves she may not be able to fully execute? A thorough and intimate understanding of pole technique is essential to being a competent teacher. In addition, all levels of skill will be used, discussed, demonstrated, and deconstructed in class. You will need to have some advanced skills in order to participate in these activities.

Q: How did you set the price for this training?
A: The price for this training was set using fitness industry standards. Most weekend continuing education courses in fitness are similarly priced. The current training price ranges from $389 - $459 depending on location, travel and/or mailing expenses.

Q: Will you be teaching cool pole tricks or new pole moves in this training?
A: No, pole tricks are not taught in this training, although we will cover how to teach them! This training is designed to teach you HOW to teach pole movement that you already know. You can learn pole movement at any pole studio, via pole instruction DVDs, or even by taking on-line lessons. I highly recommend, The Art of Pole collection by Jamilla Deville or Vertical Dance by KT Coates. In addition, if you are looking for a certification packed with pole skills, try Pole Moves or Crunch's Xpert training.

Q: How it is possible to learn how to be a great teacher in one weekend?
A: The truth is that no-one learns to be “great” after one course. Many of those who take this course have already been teaching for years before taking this training and simply wanted additional training. Others have not yet starting teaching. Teaching is an art that takes time, trial and error, and peer support to hone and perfect. A true teacher never stops growing and learning. You should consider this training to be part of your teaching journey. Armed with the knowledge provided in this course, you will be on your way to becoming the best teacher you can possibly be.

Q: What do I need to bring to the training?
A: In order to maximize our time together, I ask that you bring water, snacks, and meals if desired. We will need have eat-in lunches and short breaks. You should also bring a resistance band and for our conditioning section. You should dress as comfortable as possible. Please wear pole shorts and a tank underneath your clothes. You may want to bring a cushion or a fold up chair for comfort as we will be sitting on a studio floor.  A blindfold and two old men's ties are all necessary though I will bring extras.

Q: What is the home study course?
A: The home study course contains all the material provided in the live training. All of the live workshop activities have been converted to self-led activities. Supplemental homemade videos are provided and Skype support is complementary. You can learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. As in the live training, you will have to submit test materials in multiple formats to verify your level of skill.