"This was the best training I have ever been to. Angel was extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about pole fitness." ~ anonymous course evaluation

"I can tell you that the pole dance move deconstruction that I have implemented when teaching has been amazing. Since I have taken your class I do feel like a better teacher. I notice that the students get the moves faster now and that it is easier for me to see what they are doing wrong. I think what you are doing with the DD Program is just wonderful and very effective! Thank you so much, Angel." ~ Georgie

​"Thank you again for a thorough course. From pole parties to my pole fitness class, I incorporated things I learned in the course right away. Also, with my new found knowledge and my PFA Flashcards, I was very motivated and finally revamped the entire studio curriculum!" ~ Tammy F.

"Thanks again for taking so much of your time to create and teach such a complete and thorough certification course. You have exceptional teaching skills and I really enjoyed the class this weekend." ~ Dawn M.

"Thank you for coming to Pole Pressure! I had a great time and learned so much from you! I started applying what I learned to my classes last week after day 1, and I already felt improvement in class. Thanks so much! ;) You are a great teacher!” ~ Andrea D.

"I started my pole dance training with Angel. I was really lucky to learn from someone who is so strong, determined and very passionate about the art of pole dance. She’s an amazing teacher and breaks everything down step by step so you can learn and feel comfortable in class. The classes are warm and inviting. She laughs, smiles and makes things fun!!" ~ Keirsten A.

"Loved the program! It was exactly what I was hoping... thorough, professional, taught anatomy & specific ways to build muscles to prevent shoulder injuries. Breaking down the moves in the various ways was fabulous!!! Thank you!!!" ~ anonymous course evaluation

"Very high spirited and knowledgeable on all levels of teaching and poleing. This course was AWESOME!!" ~ anonymous course evaluation

"The hands-on anatomy was key for making it real. Safety first precautions will completely alter my teaching style and is a whole new focus and rationale for me. It’s a vision." ~ Tammi H.

"I really liked the hands on activities. They show how to deal with various situations that arise from basic teaching techniques, injury prevention to student and studio management. An excellent course for new instructors or existing instructors to learn new teaching skills or brush up on existing teaching methods." ~ anonymous course evaluation

"Very thorough. I am so glad I took this class. I definitely learned how to become a better teacher." ~ anonymous course evaluation

"Angel, you are a fabulous instructor. Your professional attitude and knowledge made this a great and interactive course to take. I loved it!!"

~ Nicole

“I’m hanging with Tina and read over your certification program. Just wanted to tell you I loved it! Totally how I teach and hope all others would teach! Great job! Xo” ~ Estee Zakar

" FREAKING FABULOUS AND AWESOME ! a) your progarm rocks. b) Tammy is a jewel, and I can see why she is a Master Trainer for you. Thank you soooooo much for putting Discoveries Dance together. Can't wait to submit my stuff !!!!" ~ Judy Jovananelly of the Girl Spot

"I own “Awakenings Pole Dance Fitness” studio in the Philadelphia area and I have been a fitness professional for over 20 years. I met Angel when she came to my studio to attend workshops with Jenyne Butterfly and I was instantly impressed with her fantastic pole technique and mastery, and once I found out that Angel was an instructor, I knew that I had to book her to teach workshops at my studio. I have since asked Angel to present several pole dance fitness workshops of all levels at my studio for my students and instructors alike because I am so impressed with her beautiful, graceful technique, and her fabulous abilities as an instructor. Angel has a unique combination of traditional academic teaching skills along with exceptional pole fitness technique. Her academic teaching background becomes apparent when she is able to take a complex pole skill and break it down for students in a simple and easily grasped manner. In addition, Angel is professional, ethical, and considers the longevity and reputation of the pole dance fitness community as a whole. I cannot wait to participate in her pole certification and will be the first to sign up for it at my studio!" ~ Heather

what our students have to say


"Your home study course is superior as it is very informative and involves practice techniques that greatly increase my awareness on body alignment and knowledge on precise muscle groups used in various pole dance moves. The home study course is a perfect fit for me because I go at my own pace and have ability to spend extra time on areas that I'm less knowledgable in without slowing progress of others in a group training. I can tell that a great deal of time and care went into developing your home study option as descriptions, diagrams, photos, activities and DVD provide an integrative learning experience. These methods stimulate learning and help me with retention. Thank you for offering a great home study course that further enhances my knowledge on pole dancing and work as a teacher! I appreciate your hard work and dedication to responsible education  and the development of an affordable home study certification program." ~ Karen Possessky​


"I can definitely recommend this course for those of you, like me, who can't travel to workshops, but have a strong desire to be trained in pole instruction."  ~ Femtastic blog by aerial gypsy.  Read the full review here.

"I feel that the program went into very fine detail about the anatomy, muscle awareness, proper safety, alignment, technique, stretching and injury prevention. Not only will you learn the things I just mentioned but you will also learn about the classroom and what to expect, how to manage a class and how to be a role model to your students. This course is very well written and full of information.  I highly recommend this course, anyone that takes it will learn great deal about what it is to be a great instructor. The course was well written, very detailed, accurate and specific. I enjoyed how the course was outlined; it was very easy to read because of the way the material was placed in the packet. The course went over everything from the anatomy, safety, teaching techniques, what to expect in the classroom, how to structure a class and finally putting everything into a lesson plan.  It truly covered everything.  What I personally found very unique was the video that came along with the home study material. This video was by far the key element that made this course amazing. The many activities that were placed throughout the packet were great as little quizzes to make sure you understood the material that you had just read. I highly recommend this course as an outstanding tool to become a certified instructor."
~ Katherine Denner​

what our home study students have to say