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​Live Training

This dynamic sixteen hour training consists of lecture, group exercises, demonstrations, hands-on learning activities and practical teaching experiences. Each participant will receive an extensive training manual and will leave the training with a new found confidence in their teaching skills. Students will need to pass a five page written and extensive practical exam to receive their certificate.

Home Study Course

The home study program was designed for the independent and self-motivated learner. It is available for those who can not travel to a live training. It consists of a color 70 page manual which contains numerous self-led learning activities. Instructional videos are provided on DVD or YouTube to supplement the text. In addition, complementary Skype sessions are available to aid in your learning.

now available!

Pole Safety Tips & Conditioning Guide

Produced by the creator and developer of the Discoveries Dance Certification Program, Angel Discoveries, M.S. Ed. This useful guide is filled with much needed safety advice and conditioning exercises. Applicable for any level poler!

USA:  PayPal $25

Outside the USA:  PayPal $35

Pole Dance Safety and Conditioning Guide